Rail Safety and Standards Board: New Safety Management Intelligence System goes live on 5 December


The rail industry is set to benefit from a completely new Safety Management Intelligence System which goes live on 5 December. 2016.

The new system marks the first step in replacing the increasingly outmoded technology used to power the industry’s risk and reporting systems. The system currently in use was introduced in 1997 and no longer offers the potential sought after by rail companies in order for them to make the next step change in health and safety risk control.

RSSB’s Director of System Safety, George Bearfield said: Britain’s railways are among the safest and most intensively used in the world, built on a mature approach to health and safety, and evidence-based decisions grounded in high quality data. But the systems we’ve relied on thus far, won’t take us any further.

Industry wants to exploit new technology to better understand and improve health, wellbeing and safety even further. The Safety Management Intelligence System is a completely new product, representing a transformation in safety intelligence capability to the rail industry, and on 5 December will go live to replace the old SMIS system.

The new Safety Management Intelligence System is capable of marshalling far greater amounts of incident data, analysis and business intelligence and will provide companies with more freedom to create their own safety intelligence reports. It will also have a far more contemporary and user friendly interface meaning they can carry on accessing high quality business intelligence to support safety decision making.

Rail firms will also benefit from updated risk-based data sets and added capabilities that reflect the way the railway has changed in the last 20 years, including the roll-out of new traffic management systems like ERTMS.